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Compost Bin wooden single slatted       Compost bin system with bases, lids & garotta

WOODEN COMPOST BINS and LIDS.                     Various timber COMPOST BIN SYSTEMS 

 Compost bin beehive      Compost bin with cold frame top 

 Easy to access BEEHIVE COMPOST BIN and the terracotta HOT BOX COMPOST BIN


Travel - France

Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda Town & Countryside

      Horse Riding Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda

AMELIE-LES-BAINS-PALALDA                                   HORSE RIDING in the French Pyrenees

Cycling Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda Walking Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda

.CYCLING in the French mountains                       WALKING in the French Countryside





Compost bin wooden double close boarded         Compost bin for leaves, a double leaf mould bin 

COMPOST BINS  as singles, doubles or triples, also FREE-STANDING LEAF MOULD BINS

 Leaf mould bin add-on for compost bins        compost bins multi purpose

LEAF MOULD ADD-ON compost bins for the Autumn leaf fall. COMBINATION COMPOSTERS

Compost Bin Large         Leaf Mould Bin - Large - Double 

COMPOST BINS LARGE                                            LEAF MOULD BINS LARGE 

 compost bin insulation        Compost Bins Colour

INSULATION keeps the heat in                            Compost Bins Colour  

Compost Bin with Trap Door        Compost Bin 

COMPOST BINS WITH TRAP DOOR                                            BESPOKE COMPOST BIN

 compost_wormery_leaf_mould_bin_       Compost Bin Seat


Compost Bin and Wormery        Compost Bin with Board Grips


 raised bed planter single       raised beds planter double   

RAISED BEDS extendable with Add-ons              RAISED BEDS DOUBLE various sizes

raised bed planter triple       Raised Bed Special 

RAISED BEDS TRIPLE various heights              RAISED BEDS SPECIALS - various sizes

 raised bed planter triangle       planter small tiered

RAISED BED CORNER other colours to choose   PLANTER 4 TIER  Plant over 39 plants

planter large tiered       wheelie bin screen

LARGE TIERED PLANTER                                         Concealing timber SCREENS

gate wooden      shelter

BESPOKE GATES                                                      SHELTERS for bikes, seats, rain, storage 

tree guard       tool box wooden

TREE GUARD                                                          TOOL BOX OR STORAGE CHEST  

Patio Planter 1        Cold Frames

PATIO PLANTERS                                                  COLD FRAMES

Cold Frame & Bench        Cold Frame - Western Red Cedar

COLD FRAME & BENCH                                          COLD FRAME - WESTERN RED CEDAR

Tortoise Shelter        wheelie bin storer

TORTOISE SHELTER                                                  WHEELIE BIN Box, single, double, triple

Log Store       Rabbit Hutch 1

LOG STORE with  dustbin shelter                      RABBIT HUTCH & CAGE




 aerator compost       biotal compost makers

Excellent COMPOST AERATOR.  Various compost makers for GENERAL composting

garotta compost maker         thermometer dial compost temperature

GAROTTA general purpose compost maker, & several types of COMPOST THERMOMETER

rotosieve                  Bosch AXT 22D Quiet Shredder

ROTOSIEVE the composted material for a finer grain. Bosch AXT 22D SHREDDER    

 compost bin all about compost                     can crushers 

ALL ABOUT COMPOST book written by Pauline Pears. Two types of CAN CRUSHERS


paper briquette maker         paper shredder


Waste PAPER BRIQUETTE MAKER makes use of the PAPER SHREDDER, home or office.


incinerator                             Wormery with tap            


The INCINERATOR disposes of difficult weeds and debris.  WORMERY with tap  


Garden Maintenance - Monmouth Area

Busy Bee Garden Maintenance Service 2          Busy Bee Garden Maintenance Service 3

Lawn & Border Maintenance                  Arbors, Pergolas & Sheds









Telephone 01600 890 125

*FSC Sourced Timber*                       

"Makers of wooden compost bins since 1990*



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